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Silver and Gold Bullions in Australia

Make your money grow with a silver or gold investment

Bullion Money is a gold and silver dealer that provides International and Australian investors the prospect to buy bullion products. Further your investments with the lowest premiums around Australia by shopping with us.

We provide insured shipping to anywhere in the world when you buy silver and gold with us, and we also have an office/showroom centrally located in Parramatta, Sydney where we can provide personalised services. Whether you’re picking up your goods, getting the right investment advice or looking to buy product, Bullion Money has the solution for you, from gold bars to silver bars, gold coins to silver coins, and much more!

Should I invest in gold and silver?

This can be a perplexing question for many, especially with the infrequency and unpredictability it can bring. There are some positive points to gold in particular as an investment, including:

  • It generally performs much better than other commodities in times of financial instability
  • Unlike currencies, gold acts as a much safer substitute
  • During good financial times, gold holds its worth and can even protect you against the depreciation of your other assets

All gold bullions sold are fine 99.99% and available in various sizes. We also have one of the widest ranges of silver bullion in the country! All Bullion Money products are competitively priced to maximise the benefit of your investment. Call or and speak to one of our staff to find out how Bullion Money makes it easy to buy gold and silver!

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